Kaylee’s first birthday party pt. 3: lemonade bar

I decided to make a lemonade bar for Kaylee’s party, mostly because we love lemonade but also because we bought two huge beverage dispensers for our wedding and I’ll use any excuse to drag them out.

First, let me start by saying that three gallons of lemonade is a lot of squeezing. I did find a great little lemon juicer at Target that helped out a lot but my hands were sore after. I used Food Network’s lemonade recipe – there are a ton around, just be sure follow one that uses simple syrup, it is worth the extra step to make sure all of the sugar is properly disolved before mixing everything together.

I also made 2 syrups to add to the lemonade; raspberry and strawberry. Then I also put out strawberry slices and raspberrys. Ina’s raspberry sauce is over the top, we have a bit left over and I spent the following week putting it on everything from waffles to ice cream.

The lemonade bar was a hit and I’m looking forward to doing it again.


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