Nature Babycare Ambassador Program

We love Nature Babycare diapers. Kaylee has been in them since we switched from Seventh Generation at size 1. We tried Pampers and Huggies for a while but Kaylee has super sensitive skin and ended up with a terrible diaper rash that wouldn’t go away. Once we switched to Nature Babycare it cleared up. The really nice thing about Nature Babycare is that they are corn based, free of chlorine &  perfume, plus they are 100% biodegradable. They cost a little more in the stores, but we get them through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program which makes them about the same or slightly cheaper than Pampers (~ 23 cents per diaper for size 4). Since they are made of corn they do feel a little different on the outside and they don’t hold up well to water – no swimming in these. They are fairly absorbent though and we rarely have a problem with leaks unless she wakes up sopping wet. Even then, the diapers tend to hold up until we take if off then it starts to fall apart.

Shortly after we started using them I visited the website and signed up for the Ambassador program. Like most other rewards programs, it allows you to trade points that you accumulate from purchasing various products toward free stuff. Points accumulate quickly because we get things by the case so I already cashed in points towards free wipes and shampoo when I received an email letting me know they are getting ready to make some changes to the program and all of the current codes will no longer work after August 15th. So I decided to use all of my points towards 2 sets of the eco friendly wipes, shampoo, bubble bath, and wash kits.

A couple of weeks later a huge box arrived on our doorstep. At first I thought it was the Subscribe and Save subscription from Amazon, but I opened it to find this:

A box full of Nature Babycare items, way more than I should have received from the points program along with a note thanking me for participating in the program and letting me know they threw in a few extra items they thought I might enjoy, including an extra set of wipes, shampoo, bubble bath, and wash, plus diaper rash cream and lotion. I now have several years supply of bath products that I got for free. I love that there are still companies out there that focus on the customer while trying to make the world a better place. I can’t recommend Nature Babycare enough.


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