Kaylee’s first birthday party pt. 2: the good part

Here is the story of Kaylee’s first birthday celebration told in pictures:

Her party was held in the same forest preserve as our wedding. It was nice to see good old Shelter B had not changed much since we left it almost two years ago. The weather was very warm and fairly humid too, but the breeze and shade made the three hours we spent outside much more tolerable.

The birthday banner I made look cute stretched across the doorway. I didn’t take measurements so I was so glad that it fit.

The poms added a nice flair, swaying with the breeze, and the food tables turned out almost the way I imagined they would in my mind.

The cake pops turned out better than expected. I’m glad I decided to make them pink instead of brown. They brightened up the table and all of our guests commented on how cute they were. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the flavor too – they were waaaay to sweet for my taste though. I printed up the table cards with the label feature in Word and used a Martha Stewart owl craft punch to make the brown paper owls.

Here is a shot of the cupcakes, just before they began to drip. They still tasted great in their gooey glory. No one even noticed that they were gluten-free, I guess Betty Crocker mix is the way to go.

Kaylee’s giant cupcake cake. I used another Martha Stewart craft punch to make the edging around the stand out of brown paper bags. It is attached with double-stick tape.

Here is a ‘before’ shot of the lemonade bar, unfortunately I got distracted and never took one after it was all set up. The bowls were for raspberries and sliced strawberries. The jars in the background contained the raspberry and strawberry sauces I made. The 3 gallon drink dispensers were left over from our wedding. I’m all about any excuse to drag them out and this seemed like the perfect occasion. One of them was filled with ice water and the other with my version of Paula Deen’s lemonade (I take the extra time to make a simple syrup first). I bought sippy cup lids for the kids cups but no one used them…oh well. The swizzle sticks are from Party City.

Here are my versions of the doily vases I saw on A Subtle Revelry. No doily in my case, but I did use brown paper bags, ribbons, and craft punches to achieve a similar look. The rose was a gift from my good friend Michelle – repurposed here.

I think the pinata looked cute hanging from the tree in front of the shelter.

All of the kids enjoyed the pinata, except for Kaylee who was more interested in the iPad one of our guests was holding.

She returned to the scene after the goodies spilled to the ground to check things out.

Kaylee looked cute in her party dress and really liked it when everyone sang happy birthday to her. She wasn’t really sure what to do with the candle, but I’m sure by next year she’ll be an old pro.

She seemed to prefer eating the candle rather than the cake, and when I took it away from her she screamed, smashed the cake with both hands and proceeded to throw frosting in my hair in true birthday drama queen fashion.

Then she decided she’d have a lick after all.

After our guests left Kaylee, cousin Emily, and Grandpa had a great time blowing bubbles and playing chase.

We didn’t manage to get around to opening gifts at the party. We waiting until we were back home, then I opened everything while Kaylee was napping and let her explore after she woke up. She ended up with three Puppy Pal Violets. The first was an early birthday present from us and then she got two more from her party guests. She adores Violet and her face lights up every time it starts singing her name. But, we don’t need three of them so I’ll be returning two in exchange for other things on her wish list.

It turned out to be a great day. It was a lot of work, but I had fun planning. Things didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped, but life rarely does. In the end, all that matters is that we got to spend Kaylee’s big day surrounded with the people we love.


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