Of all the toys our child posesses, Kaylee has decided that daddy’s screaming monkey is her favorite toy in the whole wide world. She carries it around the house with her, sleeps with it, snuggles it, and gives it kisses…and sometimes bites his face.

The screaming monkey has slingshot arms and is meant to be flung across the room. It is the height of hilarity in geek circles. It also has a motion activated ‘scream’ feature that turns on every time it is dropped. The first time Kaylee heard it she freaked out, fell down, and panic crawled out of the room as fast as she could, crying all the way down the hall. We assured her everything was ok. The next few times she dropped him we encouraged her to make sure the monkey was ok and now she looks after him, picks him up, and snuggles him whenever he cries. It is the cutest thing ever, next to this;


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