things i love: evite

We have a pretty large guest list for Kaylee’s first birthday ~ 50ish people give or take. I toyed with the idea of getting invitations printed up, but decided against it since it seems like a waste of time and money for something that will just end up in the trash. I opted to use evite instead and I think they turned out really cute, plus they’re free! They even had a theme that matches Kaylee’s bedroom colors and, all I had to do was decide on which picture to use, fill in the details, and add my guests’ email addresses. Evite takes care of notifying everyone for you and provides a space for people to leave comments and invite other people too (if you let them). It works out really great as a party planning tool. The only downside is when your less tech-savvy guests (Kaylee’s grandma) make things hard for you by inviting other guests without going through evite and you lose count of who is coming. Not a big deal unless you’re trying to figure out how many favor boxes you need…


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