Kaylee’s first trip to the emergency room

Kaylee stuck her fork in her eye during breakfast this morning which landed us in the E.R. after a call to her pediatrician. After being interviewed 3 different times by an intake nurse, an intern, the nurse practitioner, we finally got to see the doctor. We had to hold Kaylee down while the doctor and intern put drops in her eye, followed by a chemical dye that glowed in the dark under a special light to help them see any damage. It was not fun. Although they said it wouldn’t hurt, Kaylee cried through the whole process which made it feel like it was going to last forever. She was fine though as soon as it was over. She was diagnosed with a corneal abrasion which is just fancy doctor slang for a scratch on the outer most layer of her eye. We have to put an antibiotic gel on it every 6 hours to keep the area free of infection and it should heal on its own within a few weeks.  Kaylee has been learning to use a fork without any problems for the past 2 months. She can’t get the food on it by herself yet, but once it’s on, she can get it to her mouth without any trouble, until today. I felt really bad since it happened under my watch, but she’s going to be fine and Scott was great about it. And, now she has a story to tell all her friends when she gets older.


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