Monkey Joe’s

We took Kaylee to Monkey Joe’s this morning. It is an indoor inflatable playground and while they seem geared towards about 5-12 year olds, they do have a designated play area for kids under 3. Unfortunately the age restriction on the kiddie area was not strictly enforced and Kaylee was almost trampled a couple of times by a few older, very rambunctious, unsupervised kids. Luckily MJ’s wasn’t too crowded, but  there were a lot of unruly kids running around. I’d hate to see it on a weekend. We stayed for a couple of hours and ended up enjoying it enough that we’ll consider going back again. Kaylee had a bit of trouble walking around in the bounce houses, but she did pretty good and she especially liked the big slides. She even braved one of the tunnels much to our surprise. At $5 for as long as you want to stay, Monkey Joe’s is definitely worth the price. I’m sure we’ll visit again soon.

 Daddy and Kaylee trapped in the kiddie house.

 Just when she thought she had this walking thing all figured out we threw her for a loop.

 It wasn’t long before she got the hang of it.

Bouncing on the snail with mommy.

All packed up and ready for a trip to the nearby Trader Joe’s.


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