11 months old

Dear Kaylee,

In the month since my last letter you have learned to walk very well. You started out the month switching off between walking and crawling but now you almost never crawl any more, unless you are over-tired. You are adamant that we let you get most places on your own. Since you are still pretty slow this tends to make us take our time more than we’d like to sometimes. But, I love that I can set you down and tell you it’s time to do something in another room and have you follow me there.  

Your top front teeth came in over the last few weeks, with another two on the way. Your appetite has grown considerably despite your teething pain. You have 3 full meals a day plus two snacks and bottles in between. We finally convinced you it’s ok to drink milk from a cup. I didn’t think you’d care since you have been drinking water from a cup for months now. But, the first time I replace water with milk in your cup you took half a sip, made a face, and threw it on the floor. So we took a step back and weened you onto it slowly by starting with considerably watered down formula and working up to the correct proportions. We have started to phase out your bottles too, exchanging them for cups during the day with your meals. I am hoping that by the end of the week you will be down to two bottles a day, on in the morning and one in the evening before bed.

You have also started sleeping through the night, for real. I can put you down at 7pm and you don’t wake up until 7am the next day. No more middle of the night snacks to tide you over. You still sleep on your stomach with your limbs tucked up under your body.

You have started mimicing sounds you hear. While I was taking pictures of you the other day I said “say cheese” and you said “cheese” plain as day.

We picked up a new climbing toy for you that is a bit more your size than the first one we bought. The first thing you did when we finished putting it together was climb up the slide to the top. You are quite the little daredevil, and way to strong for your own good.

Your love of books has grown as well. You definitely have your favorites now (especially the ones featuring baby faces) and you pick them out on your own and bring them over so we can read them together. You point things out on the pages so that we’ll tell you what they are too.

You have also become quite animated. You love to talk, and talk, and talk, and you make the cutest faces. I just adore your squinty-eyed smile.




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