Outings: Little Gym

Since we took Kaylee out of daycare she has been craving social interaction, and becomes super-dooper excited every time another kid crosses her path.  At 10 months old she is too young for any of the classes at the local park district but she is walking really well and loves to climb on everything. So, we decided to take her to an introductory class at the Little Gym where she could mingle with her kind. She was assigned to the “Birds” class where she was the youngest of 7 kids ranging in age from 15 to 19 months old. All of the equipment in the main gymnastics room is scaled down in size so that little ones can participate. Kaylee’s eyes lit up as soon as we walked in.

The coach was loud and the class was pretty fast-paced which initially caused Kaylee to cling to me. I had a hard time following along so I’m sure Kaylee had no clue what was going on. We started off sitting in a circle on a large mat and were each instructed to take a bell from the basket. We jingled the bells while singing a song about the class. At first Kaylee didn’t want to hold the bell or leave my lap, but by the second chorus she sat with daddy and held onto his hand while he shook the bells.

Later we played with a parachute, and Kaylee loved sitting in the center with the other kids while the grown-ups walked around it. Once she warmed up she went off exploring just about all of the equipment. She followed the coach around the room, and really enjoyed rolling on the cylinders. She introduced herself to all of the other kids and their parents, mostly moms but a few dads were there too so Scott didn’t feel out of place. Kaylee definitely prefers being with the boys. She seemed to have a little crush on one little blonde boy in particular. Every time they were near each other she pointed at him and cooed. She barely even noticed the 3 other little girls in the room. At the coache’s direction we tried summersaults and hanging from a bar.  The kids all learned to throw a ball and, there were even bubbles! Not just any bubbles either, the BEST BUBBLES EVER!!! They were made by gymboree, lasted for ever, and were non-toxic. I ordered 3 sets online when we got home.

Even though Kaylee really enjoyed the class and made some new friends, we’re not sure she is ready for a class. She was much happier doing her own thing and rejoining the group here and there. When she didn’t care to participate she just wandered off. The coach said this behavior was normal and after a few classes she would probably learn to follow along. There are only 5 weeks left in the session though so by the time she’s ready to really get something out of it the class will be over.  At this point we’re leaning towards enrolling next summer once she is ready to for the next age group. Until then, daddy can dust off his coaching skills and practice with her at home.


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