Outings: Eye Doctor

Scott and I recently went in for eye exams. He needed a new doctor, prescription, and glasses, and I haven’t seen an eye doctor in more years than I can remember and figured it was about time to check in. So, we visited a place close to work that also happens to take our insurance. Turns out he’s still half blind and I still have perfect vision…I win!

We ended up taking Kaylee along with us and I’m glad there were two of us to wrangle her because she’s a handful now. Scott went in for his exam first while I stayed behind in the waiting room and tried my best to keep Kaylee from climbing into everyone else’s lap. I was called in before he was done and had to get my eyes checked while she was sitting in my lap. She was fascinated by all the equipment and liked it when the lights were turned off and then on again. The exam itself was practically painless. The only part I didn’t like was when they used a giant machine to take pictures of my eyes. The bright light stung a little and made me sensitive to light for a bit. Scott met back up with us again at the tail end of my exam and took Kaylee back. He stayed with us while the doctor finished up and when I asked how Scott was doing she teasingly stated that she hoped Kaylee inherits my vision instead of his.

While we were there the doctor encouraged us to bring Kaylee back in for her own eye exam, which they do for free during the first 12 months. Her own doctors have checked her eyes at every well-baby visit for the past 10 months. I was confident there is nothing wrong with her vision, but the doctor suggested we check to make sure since it’s free.  So we decided to schedule an appointment to make sure she really is doing fine.

On our trip back, Kaylee toddled around the office checking out all of the new faces and shiny things on the walls before we were called in to see the doctor. Despite missing her morning nap, she did very well. She sat patiently on Scott’s lap while the doctor looked into her eyes with various equipment and she was able to see all the shapes on the test paddles. When it was all finished the doctor said she has 20/20 vision and, “like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way”. Whew!  The doctor also gave Kaylee some baby banz  sunglasses to wear when she’s outside. The first time we put them on her she proceeded to rip them off and fling them to the ground. In her defense though, they are pretty goofy looking.

There is no mistaking that Kaylee is Scott’s daughter. She has looked like him since she was born, so much so, that one of the first comments we received about her was “oh my gosh, put a tiny pair of glasses on her and you’ve got Scott!” I keep searching for tiny glimpses of myself in her but have yet to see anything other than the red highlights in her hair.  I know it is really too soon to tell, but it is good to have some validation that she may inherit at least some of my other qualities along with his dashing good looks.


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