10 months old

Dear Kaylee,

Life with you is a constant adventure and we look forward to sharing new experiences every day.   We upgraded your baby car carrier to forward-facing big-kid car seats in each of our cars. Even though we were super excited at not having to lug all 20 pounds of you around in your baby carrier anymore, you weren’t sure what to make of this change at first. I’m not sure if it was the new sensation of facing forward, or that you weren’t as reclined as you used to be. In any case, you cried the first time you rode in your new seat in my car. You handled your first ride in daddy’s truck much better. Since then you have decided you’re ok with it, and I’m happy that I can see you now without the mirror. I can even reach back and touch you, but I’m not allowed to tickle your feet. It is very hard for me to resist, but I do my best.  

This past month you have mastered standing on your own and you have even taken a few steps here and there. You aren’t quite brave enough to take off yet, but we know it is just a matter of time. You also prefer chewing on your shoes than wearing them.

You still demand to sample any food that crosses your path. Your favorite new taste sensation was mint chocolate chip shake from Baskin Robins that daddy shared with you last week. You took big sips through the straw like a pro, smiling and crinkling your nose each time. We have just started trying to convince you to drink milk from a cup in preparation of giving up the bottle. You’re not sold on the idea yet, and often make a face then toss the cup on the floor if it contains anything but water.  I try not to push you too much on this yet, I know you’ll give in eventually. Your pediatrician also said we can start transitioning you to whole milk from formula. This means a rather drastic change in our routine – formula is so simple. It is easy to prepare, store, and use which has meant we don’t need to plan around your feedings. Milk on the other hand is much more challenging to transport which will mean a bit of a lifestyle change while we figure the whole thing out. But, I am excited that once we transition you to organic milk, we’ll know that none of food you eat contains any hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals that we can’t pronounce.  I consider this my gift to you, a headstart at a healthy lifestyle.

You have recently learned to splash in the bathtub, and most of the bathroom ends up dripping with water by the time you are done.  You have still not made peace with the grass yet, and typically do your best to have the least amount of your body touching the ground at any one time. This turns being outside with you into a rousing game of twister. You love to pull things off of the bookshelves, and empty your toy boxes. You still haven’t learned how to put things back yet so by the time you are done playing whatever room you are in looks like a war zone.

You talk up a storm and can even communicate more effectively now. You wave hello and bye-bye on cue (this is your favorite game to play with strangers) and you have finally started to produce some signs on your own, and in context, namely ‘milk’ and ‘more’. It is very challenging to take your picture now. You’re pretty wobbly when you stand, which you tend to do much of the time, but you are also very interested in the camera. We usually end up compromising over the lens cap so we now have several pictures of you holding a grey plastic disc.

You had your last day at daycare last week. It’s difficult to tell if you miss it or not – you have been moody but you’re teething too. Your new babysitter, Libby, is the daughter of one of my co-workers. She will be taking care of you in the afternoons until she goes back to school in August. The two of you seem to get along pretty well so far. You even reach out your hand to her when she comes over now. I take that as a sign that you approve of our new arrangement. We’re excited that you’re going to get some individualized attention from someone who can keep up with you easier than we can, and that we don’t have to drive you around as much so you can actually take a nap in the afternoons again. Libby also sits for us on the weekends when your dad and I want to get out for a few baby-free hours. I have to admit that we feel like something is missing when you’re not with us though, and we’re always excited to return home to you, scoop you up into our arms, and cover you in kisses.   



[outfit: Baby Gap jean capris, Gerber long sleeved onesie, Robeez sandles]


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