Outings: a walk to the ice cream parlor

We had a brief few days of nice weather last week. We even all happened to be together for part of it and went for a walk to the ice cream parlor in our neighborhood. Kaylee likes just about any food you put in front of her, but she has a particular soft spot for ice cream – who wouldn’t?

Plus the shop itself is full of lots of interesting cow themed items to look at, like the life sized cow mounted to the wall. (I just love the tin ceiling tiles too)

In other news, Kaylee’s hair is growing out-of-control, and the curls are getting pretty hard to contain. This is what she looks like when she gets up from a nap:

I ordered a pack of barrettes like the ones I used to have as a little girl off of ebay. They were listed as ‘vintage’, boy do I feel old.


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