Outings: a visit with E.B.

Kaylee and I visited the Easter Bunny today. After waiting in line for about half an hour and watching perfectly happy kids lose it at the prospect of actually getting near this monstrosity of a costume, I was bracing myself for a crabby baby of my own. When our turn arrived I hesitated a moment before walking up to introduce him. He shifted in his seat and waved at her. She had been so preoccupied with the other kids running around that this was the first time she actually noticed him at all. She stared at him intently, the way she examines a new object in her world. I’m sure she would have given him a shake and a lick for good measure if she could have. She held on to me tighter as I carried her up to meet him. At first she had a look in her eyes like she was right on the verge of tears, then suddenly she reached out to him with both arms and sat right down in his lap. She smiled and waved to the photographer and she even waved goodbye to E.B. when we left. Perhaps the tears will come next year.


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