Crafts: Bunnies for Easter

I wanted to include a little bit of crafty love into Kaylee and Emily’s Easter this year. I had lofty plans of making them both baskets, or bunny bowling sets, but I just wasn’t up for anything that extravagant. So, I whipped up these little bunnies from linen, fabric scraps, felt, and cuffs from a couple of old sweaters.  I may put up a tutorial eventually, but I need to work out some of the kinks first.


They were noseless at first but Scott said they were missing something – so I added little triangles in after they were finished.

Their ‘outfits’ are just sweater cuffs – I wanted something easy for the girls to maneuver on their own.

They have felt hearts where the tails should be. I wasn’t happy with the way the first one turned out (on the left). I sewed the heart on with the sewing machine and it’s pretty messy. I used a blanket stitch to attach the one on the right and I think it turned out much better. The ears on the first one were also too long and slanted inwards towards the top. I fixed this by shortening the ears on the second version.

Hoppy Easter 🙂


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