Movin’ on up

Kaylee is moving up to finger foods and loves to play with the spoon while she eats. So, I bought her an OXO plate and silverware set on Amazon. The spoon and fork are the perfect size and both have grippy bottom to help keep them in place on the plate or table. The bowl has a rim to keep food inside and a grippy bottom that helps prevent spills. We have been using this set for a couple of weeks now and really like it. Kaylee can’t use the fork or spoon properly yet, but she gives it a go. The bowl helps keep her new favorite food of choice – puffs – off the floor. We like Gerber Graduate puffs (sweet potatoe and banana) and HappyBaby organic apple puffs. Happy Baby yogurt melts are a big hit too.

[outfit: Baby Gap “Twinkle, Twinkle” tee, Gerber long-sleeved onesie]


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