Olive for Kaylee

I finished the Olive doll for Kaylee (mostly…I can’t decide on a mouth so she doesn’t have one yet). I added pony tails, which ended up crooked, but I think that adds to the charm.

I also made the hoodie and boots from the same Wee Wonderfuls pattern set. When Scott saw it he said she”looks like a ninja”, which is true, but I think she looks more like a gothy version of little red riding hood myself.

The hoodie is made from an wool sweater I purchased at Gap several years ago that I never got to wear because it shrunk so much in the wash. I thought it would be too dark at first, but I love the color on the doll. It tones down the pink.

I’m working on an Archie doll so Olive doesn’t get lonely…he’s all cut out I’m just taking a break because, to be honest, assembling these dolls is annoying. I don’t plan on giving them to Kaylee until her birthday, so I still have some time to procrastinate 🙂


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