Tech Tuesdays: We’re just not that in to you


Scott took our cable boxes back to comcast today…when I got home from work and saw the empty spaces where they used to be I realized we no longer have clocks in the house either, with the exception of the kitchen stove. Strange.

This is the first time that I have been cable free since I was eight years old. I was hopelessly addicted to You Can’t Do That On Television and anything on MTV when we first got it. And, I thought I would die the two weeks I spent with my grandparents every summer after that with only 5 channels to choose from, three of which were covered in snow.

It’s kind of odd to think we don’t have it anymore considering we’re pretty big pop culture buffs and tech heads. But, I almost feel like we have more access now rather than less, and we can watch on our own terms, with significantly less ads. Hulu plus has been really fun, especially for Scott since his schedule prevents him from watching prime time tv. Now he can catch up on all the shows he missed, and we can actually watch stuff together. Last weekend we watched the entire first season of raising hope and he thought it was the greatest thing he’s seen on tv in a long time.

The roku box is a bit quirky but has a ton of free content including music channels. Since we get our news and weather info on our phones (both are available on roku but I still prefer the mobile access) I don’t imagine we’ll feel as though we’re missing anything.

We’re not writing cable off forever, we just want to take a break for a while to explore other options.


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