8 Months Old

Dear Kaylee,

Oh how the world has changed this past month. I walked into your room at 3am one morning to find you sitting up in your crib. It took me by surprise at first and, in my sleep deprived state, I thought for sure that someone or something must have snuck in there and helped you up. Now it’s not uncommon to find you standing when we go to pick you up from a nap.

After months and months of buildup you finally got teeth…two of them in the lower front of your mouth. The first one popped through without much fanfare, the second took a few (crabby) days before it fully emerged. It looks like your top front teeth are about to come in too. All that on top of a cold that has hung on for almost an entire month. I’m sure at this point you can’t even remember what it’s like not to have a stuffy nose & a cough.

Speaking of memory, you have one now, which is both good and bad. You have expectations of how things should be and babble away when something just isn’t right – like when the ceiling fan, lights, and humidifier are off when you want them to be on. You look for toys when you drop them. You know that if you push the buttons on your toys, something HAPPENS! This is all very exciting for you and only slightly annoying for us, especially when we’ve heard the same electronic kiddie music over and over again all day long. I have become particular about which toys I leave lying around for you now based on my ability to tollerate the sounds they generate. Another development related to your ability to recall is that we can no longer take things away from you without being prepared to offer you something in trade in order to avoid an argument.  You can be quite a stickler about this and your ability to generate big fatty tears on the fly is uncanny.

You have been mobile for the majority of the month now. It literally happened overnight shortly after you turned 7  months old. One day you were scooting around in circles on your belly, backwards, and the next you were on your hands and knees crawling, for real. We can’t expect you to stay where we put you anymore and that may not seem like a big deal, but I can assure you it has been a life altering experience for all of us. Then, the weekend after you learned to crawl, you learned to pull yourself up. You love to cruise along the furniture and to have us hold your hands and walk you around the house. You can balance yourself with just one hand now and you often stop what you are doing to try to stand up on own in the middle of the room, unassisted. You almost have the hang of it too! You are definitely keeping us on our toes.

You are also a lot more vocal. Weekday mornings we go in to wake daddy up so he can watch you when I leave for work. We have gotten into a routine the past few months where I sit next to him in bed with you on my lap, and I tap his shoulder and say ‘wake up daddy’. For the past two weeks when we sit in bed, you crawl off my lap and up to his face, pat him, and say dadadada. Sometimes you get impatient if he doesn’t respond right away and crawl right up on top of him and grab his nose while screeching DADADADADADADA! That never gets old 🙂

You can say mama too, you just choose not to. I have heard you whispering it under your breath in the car on the way home from daycare as you are about to fall asleep. Right now daddy gets all the glory – and I’m, mostly, OK with that. 

You could really care less about food these days. You are much more interested in your sippy cup and playing with a spoon than actually eating. You always want a taste of what we’re eating but you’ll only eat a few bites of your own food.  My guess is that it’s due to your cold, or teething pain, or a mix of the two.  We have a freezer full of baby food just waiting for you to change your mind.

You had another growth spurt and are now in 9-12 month clothes. You have lived in one-piece footed pjs since you were born, but now that you are crawling you can’t get anywhere in them on the wood floors. So, I bought you some grippy socks and two piece pjs (which make you look like a big girl) and Grandma came to the rescue with a few cute (non-pink) outfits for you to wear out and about as well. It’s hard to believe how big and strong you’ve gotten these past few months. As of your last doctor’s appointment you were still in the 50th percentile for height and weight so you’re still relatively small for your age. But, no matter how big you get you’ll always be my little Pea.



[outfit: Old Navy Bubble Dress for baby]


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