Kaylee brought a cold home from daycare…misery abounds at our house right  now.

If you’ve never dealt with a sick baby under two you’re in for a real treat should the day ever arrive. Seeing as cold medicine isn’t available for this age group due to immature immune systems and the FDA pulling over the counter remedies off the shelves due to overdose, all that’s left is to try to make them as comfortable as possible while you ride it out.

I have never seen so much fluid come out of one tiny being in my life. And, to add insult to injury, she has a rash from all the extra poopy diapers brought on by excess drool and her ever runny nose. We have found a few things to make life a bit easier. Here’s our short list of remedies in case you find yourself in the same boat:

  • Cool mist humidifier filled with distilled water. We got this before Kaylee was born because I tend to get nose bleeds in the winter. We moved it to her room when she got sick and it has been great. You can fill it with tap water too, but using distilled water means less cleaning.
  • Vicks vapo rub. Helps loosen the flem in her chest.
  • Vicks waterless vaporizer. I’m not sure how well this really works, but the morning after we plugged it in, she was less stuffy. The refill pads are expensive.
  • Little noses. Love, love, love this stuff. Bought a 6 pack from Amazon. We squirt a little in her nose before sucking it out. Works great.
  • electric snot sucker (not for the faint of heart). She doesn’t mind this one as much as the nasal aspirator we took home from the hospital, plus we can see how much is actually getting sucked out (a feature Scott could live without). It plays music too, which I think is supposed to make the experience better, but it really just warns her of the impending doom.
  • boogie wipes. Keeps her little nose from getting raw. Works wonders. I bought several packs on sale at Babies R Us and Walgreens but realized later that they are cheaper on Amazon.
  • sippy cup and extra meals of solids. Drinking from a bottle is challenging with a stuffy nose. We combatted this issue with two meals of solids a day (breakfast and lunch) and replacing her daytime bottle feedings with formula in a sippy cup.
  • warm soaks in the tub. We try to run baths for her right after our showers while the bathroom is still steamy, then let her soak for a bit longer. This helps her sinuses and her sore bottom.

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