Outings: new iPad2 owners

Kaylee and I stood in line at best buy for an hour and a half on Friday to get an iPad2. They went on sale at 5pm, we got there at 5:15, and they ran out of tickets at 5:30. She fell asleep in the car on the way there and didn’t wake up until we had already been in line for about ten minutes. When she finally woke up, I had to carry her and the car seat through the line because there wasn’t enough room for a cart to make it through the barriers they set up. What a workout! Kaylee did awesome though, she barely made a peep and made lots of new friends.

I am by no means a Mac head. This is the second Apple product I own. The first being the iPod nano I bought about 5 years ago. I have had my eye on the iPad since it came out last year, but dismissed it when I found out that it didn’t have the ability to run iMovie – which I have been lusting after for quite some time now. When news of the iPad2 broke I was super excited that Apple decided to beef up the system specs so that it could run iMovie. Since I can’t justify a Macbook air, and I don’t really want to edit movies on an iPod Touch, the iPad 2 is the cheapest way I could have access to iMovie. Now that I have the iPad I have found so many additional uses for it and I think I may even be able to use it as a suitable laptop replacement if I buy an Office app. In fact, I am using the iPad to create this entry 🙂

I bought the 32gig wi/fi model in black. The screen is beautiful, it’s pretty lightweight, the included mail and calendar apps work perfectly. The only downside is that some of my favorite android apps are not available, and when they are there is often a cost associated with them. I thought not having external storage would be an issue, but I have been using dropbox to transfer files between iPad and my laptop and it works great. While the cameras aren’t great, there is an HD one on the back of the unit and I can also edit movies on the fly and export them directly to vimeo – another huge plus. All the typical social media apps work great and the operating system and browser are both fast. I haven’t once wanted to throw the thing across the room because it is processing too slowly. A welcome change from our Dell mini notebook. I’m looking forward to the freedom this device will provide both at work and at home. I’m also considering getting the video adapter so I can display powerpoint slides right from the iPad during my lectures.

Thanks to my awesome husband for making this little adventure possible.


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