7 months old

Dear Kaylee,

This month you have become much more playful. You never tire of a game of peek-a-boo. You laugh heartily at your reflection. You narrate everything you do and see. You giggle when you sneeze. You love anything that rolls or makes a noise. You are still surprised every time you manage to clap your hands together and your whole body wiggles in excitement when you see us after waking up from a nap. It’s as if you had a tail. You have become much more cuddly too, throwing yourself into our arms, burying your face in our chest, and snuggling up close.

You are always on the go now – mostly around in circles, and in reverse. You can get up on all fours, rock back and forth, stick your butt in the air, and lunge at toys, but you haven’t quite managed to figure out that you need to move your legs and your arms together in order to really take off. You can get into a seated position on your own and spend a lot of time going up and down from your belly to your butt and back again.  Your poor little forehead has suffered a few hard knocks from faceplants into the hardwood floors during the process. Most of the time you handle it like a trooper though, and if you do bother to cry it usually only lasts for a few seconds before you’re off again. We lowered your crib mattress and are in the process of moving everything that isn’t nailed down out of your path in preparation for your increasing mobility.

You still don’t have any teeth, although they are threatening to erupt at any moment. Your gums are often swollen and tender which causes you to wake up more easily now. I have started making you fresh baby food, so far your favorite has been apple banana with dried blueberry & ground flax mixed in. You gobble it up and make mmmm noises as you eat it.

And, last night you went pee pee in the potty before your bath! It may have been a happy accident, but I choose to believe you knew what you were doing. I know I have been laxidasical in my committment to this little adventure. And, while I read Diaper Free Before Three cover to cover in one evening, I remained cautiosly optimistic about the process.  I never imagined to see results so soon, accident or not. So, I promise to step up my game to match yours!




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