Diaper Recap

I was obsessed with diapers while I was pregnant with Kaylee. First there was the decision between cloth and disposable. It actually turns out that disposables are the lesser of two evils where the environment in concerned (after factoring in laundering and caring for cloth). At the time I started researching, Seventh Generation was the top “green” brand, but the only thing really green about it is that they chlorine free. They still take just as long to degrade as a typical diaper.

When I signed up to create our registry at Toys R Us, I discovered that if you sign up for their rewards card you are automatically enrolled in  a program where if you buy 9 cases of the same brand of diaper you get a 10th case free. I also found out that Pampers has their own rewards program called Gifts that Grow. Plus, Toys R Us will let you exchange unused cases for a different size. On top of that, Toys R Us often offers opportunities to get giftcards for buying cases of diapers. The whole thing seemed like a no-brainer. I happily went about stocking up on cases of Pampers every time there was a gift card incentive. I ended up spending between 13 and 17 cents per diaper for their premium swaddlers brand. Life was good.

Then, about 4 cases in to my plan,  I discovered Gdiapers which are a hybrid system that allows you to use both cloth and biodegradable disposable inserts. I bought the new baby starter kit that contained 12 tiny gpants for 6-10lbs and 6 small gpants for 10-14lbs. I also bought two cases of disposable reflil packs and never got around to getting the cloth inserts because they were always out of stock at Babies R Us. Gdiapers were great in concept, but they turned out to be cumbersome and time consuming, particularly for Scott who was new to diapering all together. We used them off and on for her first couple of weeks but I eventually broke down and bought a case of Seventh Generation newborn sized diapers, which made the millions of changes in those early days so much simpler. I ended up selling the 12 tiny gpants on eBay, and actually made back more than I paid for them. After discussing it with Scott, we kept the small sized gpants and will give it another go with baby #2, once the newborn phase passes.

Another hitch in my diaper stocking plans came once Kaylee was born. She was such a little peanut that even newborn sized diapers were huge on her. Everything we had on hand at the time leaked, including the Huggies that the hospital sent us home with, the tiny gpants, and the pack of pampers we got at our shower. I had a sample new born sized Seventh Generation diaper that fit her perfectly. So I ordered a case from Amazon…

Oh, Amazon, how I adore you! First there is the fact that I can order a case of diapers and it shows up on our doorstep the next day. Second there is the Subscribe & Save program which is totally and completely awesome! I buy everything I can with subscribe and save (diapers, cat food, toilet paper, horizon individual serving milk, etc) for one reason, an extra %15 percent off with no obligation for further subscriptions. Plus, right after Kaylee was born Amazon came out with their “Amazon Mom” program which offers an additional %15 off diapers & wipes. That’s 30% off and they deliver! I can’t imagine there is a better program out there. I buy all of Kaylee’s diapers through Amazon now. And, by the time baby number 2 comes around I am not even going to bother stocking up – there’s no reason  to with Amazon’s super fast delivery and ongoing discounted prices through Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save.

By the time Kaylee was in Size 1 diapers I had found a new brand, Nature’s Babycare. They were perfect for us. They are made from corn and are biodegradable, fit her great without any leaks, are better for her skin than the leading brands, and are cheap through Amazon’s programs. The only downside we have found so far is that they run slightly small. So, while we are still working our way through my size 2 Pamper’s stash (with pleanty of room), she is already in Nature’s Babycare size 3s.

In the end, I didn’t have enough Newborn sized diapers to start. She was horribly allergic to Huggies and ended up with a diaper rash any time we used them (almost all of the diapers we received as gifts were Huggies). We have two cases of Pampers size 1 diapers left over. We have a tub full of size newborn and 1’s that she outgrew before we finished the packs. I’m pretty sure I ended up buying enough diapers for two kids – we may be able to rely solely on Kaylee’s left-over stockpile for baby #2.

My advice is to sign up for Amazon mom, buy all your diapers and wipes there, and don’t stock up too much. And, if you do stock up, you need to be prepared that your baby may be too big, too small, or have a sensitively to a particular brand – and it may change from month to month.  As I mentioned above, the only diapers that fit Kaylee well as a newborn were Seventh Generation – however SG size one were too long for her short torso and leaked. Huggies fit great but gave her a rash. Nature’s Babycare size 1 fit her very well, but she was only able to wear size 2’s in that brand for 2 weeks before growing out of them. She has been in Pamper’s size 2 the longest and even then, she outgrew the regular version but the swaddlers are still roomy. We have since moved on to Nature’s Babycare size 3, which fit great at 6 months old and 17 lbs.


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