Things I love: Teething Edition

Kaylee started the teething process towards the end of her 3rd month with the onset of tender gums, excessive drool, and occasional sleeplessness. We found a few items that make life with a teether easier for all of us:

  1. sophie: Hands down our favorite teether. Perfect size, texture, and pleanty of different spots to gnaw on, with an interative squeak that incites delight. I wrote a seperate post about Sophie here.
  2. Razbaby RaZberry Teether: Our second favorite teething product. We introduced it at 3 months and her mouth wasn’t big enough and she was still a little too uncoordinated to benefit much from it. We revisited it again at 5 months and it has become a staple of our teething arsenal. Kaylee likes to chew on every part and seems to like the red bumpy part for her front teeth and the green parts for the sides. The small size makes it very portable. We often attach it to her carseat with a pacifier clip when we are on the go.
  3. sassy teething feeder: These are meant to introduce chunks of fruit to new eaters, but the mesh is pretty difficult to clean so we use this item solely as an icecube cage. It makes the perfect teething pop and cleanup is super simple. Kaylee loves this special treat and it really seems to help soothe her gums. You can also try frozen cubes of breast milk or baby food purees too if you’re up for the additional mess.
  4. wet washcloth: The cool temperature helps numb while the texture soothes and keeps her hands occupied.  Also works as a drool catcher. We put one in the freezer occasionally and she happily gnaws away on it while it thaws out. Magical and cheep.
  5. Infant Ibuprofen: A definite must have. We give her a dose before bed at night to help her make it through when she has had a particularly uncomfortable day. Works like a charm.
  6. Oral Pain Relief Gel: I’m not totallly convinced, about the effectiveness but it makes the list only because it seems to calm her down when all else fails. Relief is short lived though since all that extra drool just washes it off. It also interferes with feeding if we put it on before a bottle. We mainly just give it to her right before putting her down for naps, to help her settle when she is overly crabby.
  7. Winkel: Great first toy and nice teether for early months. Kaylee was able to hold on to this and get it to her mouth without trouble from 3 months on.
  8. Healthy Times organic teething biscuits, Vanilla: Very hard and dense, difficult to break. We give them to her after meals, while we’re still finishing up. She loves to manipulate them with her hands, suck and gum them. They smell good, but can be quite messy. She never finishes in a sitting, so we usually rinse it off and let it dry out for a second round of chewing the next day before finally tossing them in the trash.

Things we tried but can live without:

  1. Humphrey’s teething pellets: I bought these when I was looking for a more natural alternative to oragel. We have used them a couple of times and they seem to work, but application requires melting tablets in water and applying to the gums. A process that can be quite messy and seems to take lightyears. When Kaylee is uncomfortable enough to require intervention, time is of the essence.  
  2. playtex teething pacifiers: Kaylee likes the Playtex ortho pro pacifers so when I saw these in the store I picked them up. She didn’t get it when we first gave them to her and tried to suck. We give them to her occasionally now and she’ll chew on them a bit before tossing them asside for something more interesting/soothing.
  3. Sassy flutterby teether: Has a lot of different textures and can be chilled in the fridge. Nothing wrong with it, and it’s definitely affordable, just not the miracle that Sophie and Ras have been. We pop it in the fridge and give it to her before or after meals.
  4. Soft teething beads: Better for early months of teething. Kaylee gets bored with them quickly now at 6 months.
  5. Bright Start chill and teethe: Seem to provide some relief. She likes them better frozen, although this is not recommended by the manufacturer. We give them to her when she is hanging out with us in the kitchen. They wash easily and are cheap but have not been essential.
  6. Sassy rattle and rings: This is one of the first toys we bought for her and was overshadowed by the winkel. We keep this in Kaylee’s toy basket and she plays with it occasionally but wouldn’t miss it if it was not there. I like it more than she does.

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