6 months old


Dear Kaylee,

Where has the time gone?! It really only feels like just a few weeks ago that you were born, and here you are 6 months later; the impossibly tiny and quiet little being you once were replaced by a bubbly, playful, cuddly, chatty baby girl right before our eyes. You continue to be a very happy baby who is fond of food, flirting with everyone you meet, and putting anything you can get your hands on into your mouth.  It seems like you learn something new on a daily basis. We are constantly amazed at how much you have changed in just a few short months.

This past month we survived your first cold, and the few sleepless nights that came with it. We celebrated daddy’s birthday with your first taste of cake and ice cream. We went out to eat with friends and family twice, and you were on your best behavior each time despite being tired. You saw your first blizzard which brought with it 18 inches of snow, most of it on our doorstep. This past month you have also become quite the little sitter. You can do it all on your own now, for long periods of time, and we never worry about you tipping over anymore. You are starting to wake up before I leave the house in the mornings, so I get to spend a bit of time with you before work again (which I cherish every minute of). I rock you and sing you songs while you drink your bottle and then we spend some time looking out the window and talking about everything we see. Then I typically put you on the floor in our room while I finish getting ready, where you sit happily playing and chatting with your toys for a half hour to 45 minutes before you demand that daddy get up to join in on the fun.

You are over your hatred of tummy time now that you can get your belly off the floor and can scoot around (mostly backwards, just like your daddy when he was learning to crawl). You repeat more of the sounds we make, like ‘hi’ and you understand more too. You’ll kick your feet when we say ‘kick’, bounce excitedly in your jumparoo when we say ‘bounce-y’, and you say ‘kuh’ when the kitties come over to inspect whatever situation you’ve gotten yourself into. Your favorite sound is still ‘eeeeeeeee’ – which is probably the one you hear the most (mommy, daddy, kitty, Kaylee, suckie, sophie, hi, bye, etc.,). You have also just learned to wave and take every opportunity to practice this newfound skill. We are also working on teaching you a few signs, like ‘more’, ‘milk’, and ‘cat’. You seem to understand the sign for milk – which I use to describe your bottle – but it will probably be a few months before you are able to sign it back to us. 

You are madly in love with your jumparoo even more now that you can play with the toys and rotate the seat. You have even almost bounced yourself to sleep a few times, and we are certain you would continue bouncing in your dreams if we left you in there long enough. You also squeal with delight any time we tickle your belly or hoist you in the air over our heads. 

This month has been all about trying out new foods. You enjoy sweet potatoes and go ga-ga over carrots, although we think you may be allergic to them if the rash and upset stomach you developed a day later is any indication. You’re on the fence about bananas and are definitely not a big fan of peas, which makes meals that include them quite entertaining. Oh, the faces you make. You eat oatmeal in addition to rice cereal now, enjoy teething biscuits, and will happily taste anything we put near your mouth. In fact, you get offended if we eat something in front of you and don’t offer you anything to try. So, you have experienced small licks of several interesting flavors and textures including fortune cookies, salmon, orange juice, whip cream, tortillas, bread, peas in a pod, shrimp, and lemon. You also wave your arms excitedly whenever you see us drinking water from bottles and glasses as your way of asking for a sip. You are getting better with the cup too, although you are still hesitant to hold it, or a bottle without help.

We still have a few more days before your 6 month check-up, but I’d guess you’re probably around 17lbs now, and you are tall enough that you can put your feet flat on the floor when you’re in your jumparoo now, where you could only reach with your tiptoes 2 months ago. You wear size 2 diapers and are in both 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand. We are still waiting on the emergence of your first tooth, which could happen at any moment.  And, I just bought you a brand new potty chair so we can be prepared to embark on our journey to have you diaper free before three. I can’t wait for you to try it out, no pressure though, pinky-promise 🙂

Happy half year my love,