Kaylee has been eating cereal in the mornings for about 2 months now. Yes, we started early, but after she gave up nursing so soon, it was the only way I could get her to take the rest of my freezer stash (that I wasn’t about to throw away given the amount of time and energy that went into pumping every single drop). We have been giving her fruit and veggie purees for about a month. She’s great with a spoon and loves to eat, but often makes faces with the sweeter things like bananas and pears. She loooooovvvees sweet potatoes though and gobbles them right up, no faces or anything. She even dances in the high chair while she eats them.  Right now we are feeding her Ella’s Kitchen (which is super expensive for what you get but the pouches are really great) and Earth’s Best  (it was just on sale at ToysRus and I already have a craft project in mind for the jars) but I have always planned on making my own and finally settled on a book to buy after borrowing  a ton on the subject from the library. It’s called Baby Love: Healthy, Delicious Meals for your Baby and Toddler and is full of of great looking recipes and pictures and is mindful of organic and locally grown foods. It is my favorite of all the baby food books I’ve gone through the past couple of months. I particularly like the sections on toddler and family friendly meals. I’m looking forward to trying them out as she gets older.

P.S. we love the new high chair. It’s small but fits up against the table perfectly, and it folds up so well it can fit between the fridge and the wall. We toss her in it whenever we are in the kitchen now that she is getting to squirmy for the bumbo. It works out perfectly.  We typically put a teething biscuit and a sippy cup of water on the table for her while we get chores done.  She’s able to grab things on her own fairly well and has already started using a pincer grasp.

Typically we use a bib but she rarely gets this messy anymore so I winged it. She was perfectly clean until the last few bites when she decided to blow out just as the spoon hit her lips. We were both covered in orange goo seconds later. P.S. Sweet potatoes stain…


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