things i love: sleep sheep (travel version)

Cost: $20

Age: 5 months (wish we had it sooner)

Why we love it: I had this on my baby registry but didn’t get around to buying it until we had to prepare a bag of supplies to send with Kaylee to daycare. She got so used to sleeping with the sound machine on the pack-n-play that we wanted her to have a similar experience for her naps away from home. I picked out the travel sized sleep sheep (there is a full sized version too) because the smaller size seemed more manageable. We attached it to her car seat the day I brought it home from the store and, to our surprise, it also did wonders to calm her down in the car (which used to be torture for everyone in earshot — Kaylee HATES!!!!!!! the car). After discovering this precious little treat I couldn’t bear to part with it so we (I) make sure it comes back home with us after each visit. After 2 weeks of use, Kaylee’s eyes get droopy as soon as ‘ocean’ starts to play and it soothes her right to sleep. Needless to say, we use it all the time now (so far we found it to be a miracle cure for everything from middle of the night fussies due to teething & colds, car ride drama queens, and overtired-crabsters-who-don’t-want-to-fall-asleep-no-matter-what!). It has 4 sound options, we prefer ocean, and 2 time settings, 25 and 45 minutes. The volume control is awesome – I wish all of her musical toys had this feature. An enthusiastic, must buy!


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