updates: back to real life edition

I know I have been a little laxidasical about my posting lately but it’s not because things are slowing down. In fact, quite the opposite is true. I’ve been spending the wee hours of the morning crafting away in what Scott lovingly refers to as Julie’s Sweatshop. I have three projects in various stages of completion; one doll bed & linen set, one doll quilt & pillow set, and one lovely little item that is meant to be a gift for a reader so will have to wait until later to be shared with the world. I’m working on honing my craft and building a stash of pretty things to sell at a craft show this fall. Call me crazy, but I am already starting to plan Kaylee’s first birthday shindig too – with 6 months to go and lots of little sewing and crafty projects in mind, I’m going to need all the time I can get.

In other related news, the spring semester is about to begin at work which brings with it a change in our schedules as we aclimate back to real life. Scott is back to second shift, Kaylee will switch to part time at daycare, and I’ll be at work 5 more hours per week (that’s 45+ if you’re counting).  Although this means less time for Scott and I to spend together and as a family, we’ll each get to spend more time with Kaylee on a daily basis. I also agreed to co-develop and facilitate an 11 week online training workshop for staff and to teach a class for the communication arts department (which just got a new book so I’ll be busy the next few weeks developing new curriculum), as well as keeping up with the 40+ hours per week I spend in my real job as a library tech. On top of all that, Kaylee is both sick with a cold and teething. She is handling both very well, but often needs extra cuddling and has a difficult time falling, and staying asleep due to all the stuffiness and gum pain. I have been up with her several times a night over the past week and I’m hoping she gets back to sleeping through the night soon for both our sake.

I’m sure I have mentioned a time or two how much I love eBay and how it has been instrumental in allowing us to buy baby gear and clothes without spending a fortune. In my 5 or so years of eBay use, I had never sold anything before. Well, as of Sunday, I’m also an official eBay seller after 3 successful listings last week. Now I just have to figure out packing and postage. It was exciting watching time tick down, but in a different way than as a buyer. There was a lot more riding on the selling of things, particularly if I would be able to recoop some of the initial costs of the items (which I did, one item actually sold for $15 more than I paid for it new). Since this test was successful, I have a bunch of stuff that I plan on putting up for auction in the coming weeks, mostly baby things that we don’t think we’ll use again later.

I still plan on squeezing some crafting projects in as time allows, but documenting and sharing those projects may fall behind in lieu of actually getting something done. In short, our life is about to get very busy again, but I’ll do my best to keep you posted along the way.


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