crafts: emily’s quilt top finished

I finished my next quilt top based on this pattern, a zig zag quilt that is triangle free. I chose to use all printed fabrics instead of alternating between solid and prints. I had some trouble early on figuring out how to make it work, and it is a bit smaller than I anticipated. I may add a border to bring it closer to twin size, but I don’t want it to be so large that she can’t drag it around with her.

The dots worked out better than the flowers but I don’t mind everything being miss matched at the seams. If you are looking for perfection from this pattern, go with solids or repeating patterns rather than random prints. The pink dot fabric was super stretchy and hard to work with. I’m working on a doll sized quilt from the left over scrap squares. I also plan on making another doll sized quilt with this pattern that will match perfectly.

I plan on using a flannel sheet as batting, which I still need to buy, so it will still be a while before this quilt is officially done.

P.S. Kaylee had a good first day at daycare. She was all smiles when we dropped her off and we watched her through the window,  happily cooing in the sitter’s lap as we walked to the car. She was resting peacefully in the assistants arms when we came to pick her up. It took her a while to smile at us through her sleepy haze, but she finally managed a shy little smile on the way out the door. We all made it through our first day apart relatively unscathed.


3 thoughts on “crafts: emily’s quilt top finished

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  2. I did have a hard time picking out the fabrics. I kept getting side tracked by all the colors and prints from my favorite palettes and mod styles. I think I found a balance that worked without being overly syrup-y sweet or two modern. I only snuck in one Amy Butler print. I love the viking! Thank you for helping Scott pick it out 🙂

  3. It’s so pretty – pastel and spring-ish, different from the contemporary fabric you usually use, the colors really blend so nicely. Are you finding the Viking to your liking?

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