5 months old

Dear Kaylee,

How big is Kaylee? SOOOOOO BIG! You’re dad and I spend a lot of time commenting on how big you are now. You must be close to 19 pounds…It’s hard to believe our little 6lb 10oz peanut has grown so much in just 5 months. Your features are really starting to fill out too, from your little button nose to your perfectly kissable chubby cheeks. You have a contagious smile that you flash freely at everyone you meet (and any smiling face you see on the tv too). You’re like a little joy magnet, people are drawn to you everywhere we go.

In the past few weeks you have learned how to jump in your jump-a-roo. You light up every time we put you in it and bounce, and bounce, and bounce until the second we take you out. Sometimes I think you might bounce right out. You can also sit up on your own for short periods of time. Because of this we have started giving you baths in the tub. All the space was a little overwhelming for you at first, but you have taken to it quite well. You love to kick your feet when we lay you back to rinse your hair and it is actually easier for us than bathing you in the sink (although I do miss the spray nozzle).  You have also recently accomplished your goal of getting your feet into your mouth and you think your toes are super yummy.

You like laying on your side so much that you are typically content to hang out there.You are only rolling over when it is most inconvenient, like if we forget to buckle you into your swing, or when you are on the changing table and have had your fill of being still. Thankfully you haven’t fallen yet, but we have had a few near misses.

We have stopped swaddling you at naptime, mostly because you’re too strong for even the tightest wrap, but also because we’re afraid you’ll roll yourself over and get stuck. Instead, we wrap you up loosely into a little nest and you pull whatever blanket is near up over your face. If we move it you wake up in protest, so we just let you sleep this way (your daddy is the same way).  This has been very challenging for me to deal with since it goes against all of the advice for a safe sleeping environment. I’m learning to get over it and let you get some sleep however you can.

We had a great first christmas as a family. You got so many toys that I ended up packing half of them away for later. Your favorite of the bunch is by far your new teether, Sophie the giraffe. You love to chew on her ears and make her squeak. She came just in time. You’re teething now, and although you’re not overly crabby, everything you touch ends up in your mouth and you are a drooly mess 90% of the time. Sometimes we end up changing you 3 or 4 times before the end of the day just because your shirts are soaked. I’ll take that over diaper blowouts any day though. Speaking of which, your poop smells now.  We have been giving you cereal for breakfast for a few weeks, and we add veggies to it occasionally too. The things your body does with food are not pretty. I’m not looking forward to the time when we give you things you actually have to chew.

Your dad and I have been home from work for a little over 2 weeks now, and it has been awesome! We’ve spent a ton of time sharing you with family and friends, snuggling up with you in front of the fire, talking about life, and dreaming about the future. It was the perfect way to spend our holiday vacation. We both go back to work tomorrow, which will bring with it your first day of daycare. The woman that we chose to watch you shares a lot of our values and we feel confident leaving you in her care. It is close to work and we can visit you anytime we want to. You’ll spend your days surrounded by a small group of little people to play with. There is still a part of me that feels guilty about leaving you. But, I know in my heart we will all be fine and you’ll get have a whole new set of experiences that are just your own, while we’re out doing our best to provide for you and each other.  The good news is that you’ll only need to be away for a few hours in the afternoons once daddy is back to his regular schedule. But, for the next 3 weeks you be there from 8-4:30, which will be the longest you’ll have been away from us, ever. I hope your father and I get through it as well as I’m sure you will.

We adore you more with each passing day. Be good little one.




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