Highlights from Kaylee’s first Christmas

cookies for santa

pouting over not being able to eat the tree

our favorite present


hung by the chimney with care

Kaylee’s letter from santa and the elf inspection note tucked inside her gift bag

letter from santa

early christmas morning

waiting for santa

a simple christmas dinner, Ina’s turkey lasagna and garlic bread (we love Ina!). We could have had salad too but somehow everything but the lettuce ended up on our Peapod order…oops.

and rice cereal for Kaylee

opening presents with grandma and grandpa

We ended up with so much stuff I still haven’t sorted it all. Highlights include a slow-cooker, heavy bag, sewing machine, tons of toys and clothes for Kaylee…

We’re still working out Christmas traditions, blending what each of us did as children with new things we’d like to share with Kaylee. My childhood christmases included a picture with santa, decorating the tree (we all had special ornaments), opening gifts on christmas eve with my parents, opening santa presents and stockings on christmas morning,

“the pose” (a picture next to the pile of presents – seen here, almost 3 years old), christmas dinner at my aunt Rosie’s house with the rest of the aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Scott’s family opened gifts on Christmas day, had dinner christmas eve, and received special ornaments each year.

This year we included a picture with santa, stockings, a letter from santa, and cookies for santa left out on the tree. I plan on continuing this until she’s too old to care.  I’m trying to get “the pose” picture of Kaylee with all of her gifts, but she is right in the middle of teething, has a small cold, and she isn’t sleeping very well so she’s been tired and fussy, poor baby 😦

Our christmas activities were a little too complicated for my taste this year. We had dinner on christmas eve at Scott’s parents house, with his sister and her daughter. The girls each opened one small gift. Then we went back over early in the morning on Christmas day for Scott’s mom’s signature breakfast, sausage apple pancake. We stayed to open gifts from grandma, grandpa and Erin. Then we headed home to prepare christmas dinner at our place. Scott and I rushed to open our gifts to each other. Once everyone arrived we ate, then the family opened their gifts from us along with stockings. It was not at all what I had in mind for Kaylee’s first Christmas and I’m hoping that things work out a bit differently next year. I’d like more downtime for us rather than so much running around. My ideal christmas morning includes snuggling up by the fire in our pj’s, opening presents from santa while sipping hot chocolate & nibbling on breakfasty things.  A small bubble of time to love and share each other, and to reflect on all the things we are thankful for.


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