crafts: Olive for Emily

I whipped up an Olive doll as a last minute Christmas gift for our niece Emily (her favorite color is yellow). It was a lot more challenging than I anticipated and about halfway through I was sure this doll was out to get me. My seam ripper got tons of use and at one point the needle even fell out of the machine (seriously?!). But, for a last minute scrappy project, I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I’m looking forward to making the complete make-a-long set for Kaylee, although I’ll use wool felt rather than the synthetic that Emily’s Olive is made out of (and check to make sure the screw that holds the needle in is tight!).

In other news, our little monkey has learned to sit all by herself. It seems as though she is in constant motion now, we’re in trouble when she becomes mobile. She prefers to sleep on her side now, and we often find her turned in the complete opposite direction that she was in when we put her down to sleep in her crib. She is just days away from figuring out how to roll over too. Here she is waiting for Santa…


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