crafts: Kaylee’s Christmas quilt completed

I finished up the binding on Kaylee’s new quilt.

Some embroidery details

the signature on the back

quilt detail from the back

happily testing it out

in its new home until we convert the crib to a todler bed

I also whipped up a matching pillow case this morning using this tutorial

and, I was able to finishe everything just in time for Christmas. I highly recommend the color brick quilt tutorial. I plan on making another at some point, and now that I know how super easy pillowcases are, I’m sure there will be more of those in my future as well.


2 thoughts on “crafts: Kaylee’s Christmas quilt completed

  1. Julie,
    It’s absolutely beautiful – you are a No Fear quilter – congrats to you Mom! I love the elephant detail, its my favorite. I’m thinking about doing your quilt with Anna Marie Horner fabric……. pondering.

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