4 month checkup & updates

Kaylee had her 4 month checkup on Monday which included the same 4 shots and an oral vaccine she had at her 2 month checkup. She cried less this time, but fared worse once we brought her home. She woke up screaming at 2:30am Tuesday morning, with a low fever – which caused me to wake Scott up to double check her and make sure I wasn’t imagining things.  Later that day she threw up all over him and has spent the rest of the week pretty crabby and lethargic. Her sleep schedule is all out of what and we’re all a bit out of sorts over it.

Then I lost my ATM card on Wednesday and had to call to report it missing. My account is frozen for 5-7 days until the new card arrives. I’m still not done with my X-mas shopping, and waiting a week means I’m going to miss the shipping deadlines…I’ll have to pick up last minute gifts in person – bah humbug!

Our updates include:

  • She’s just over 14lbs now, in the 54th percentile for her weight, and 22 inches long. Which explains all the recent diaper leaks we’ve been having – she’s too big for size 1 now, but not quite big enough for size 2.  We cracked into a case of Huggies 1-2’s we received as a gift, but they are no where near as nice as the Nature’s Babycare we are used to.  And, she has had a mild diaper rash since we started using them last week. 
  • No more middle of the night feedings – Dr’s orders. We were also instructed to let her cry-it-out if she wakes up. Luckily, she has been sleeping right through from 11pm to 6:30ish am and doesn’t seem to miss the 1am feeding Scott used to wake her up for.
  • The green light to start more solids next month
  • I trimmed the quilt and added the batting, backing, and signature. Next I’ll move on to quilting once I pick up some thread. I think I might actually make my Christmas morning deadline.
  • We’re hosting Christmas dinner…have to figure out what to serve for 7.5 people. Last year we did apricot glazed cornish game hens with sausage stuffing – super easy, very impressive, and yummy, but I want to try something new.
  • Almost done with Christmas cards, just waiting on my snapfish order to arrive.
  • I started making my co-worker gifts this morning – chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Hoping to be done by Monday and should have pictures soon.
  • Looking into daycare options for Kaylee – we have to have something in place by January 4th…down to the wire.

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