Crafts: finished quilt top

I finished sewing the quilt top this past weekend (thanks to my awesome hubby for some extra time at the machine when nap time was up). I had some issues due to starting off with the wrong seam allowance and being too stubborn to rip them out. So, my edges are off more than they should be but it’s nothing that a quick trim can’t fix. It also took a little longer because I paused to add some embroidery details to a few of the blocks before I sewed the rows together.

like an Aimee Rae bird from the book Doodle Stitching.

and a “K” for Kaylee.

It feels awesome already. The linen gives it a very nice texture and a complexity that you just don’t get from regular quilt fabric. Now I just need to trim up the sides, cut the back, add the batting, and quilt it…


4 thoughts on “Crafts: finished quilt top

  1. Thanks! It’s a great quilt, and I love that it looks impressive without being overly complicated. It was the perfect second quilt project for me. The instructions were great too. I have recommended it to all the ladies in my quilt group.

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