First Photo Shoot

We took Kaylee to JC Penny get her first portraits done. When I set up the appointment I planned for a simple shoot to celebrate our new little family, but it quickly turned into a huge production with Scott’s sister being in town for the holiday. Erin wanted to get a picture of Kaylee and her daughter Emily together as a christmas gift for grandma and grandpa. Adding to the adventure…Erin wanted to keep it a secret from grandma and, Emily is deep in the throws of the terrible two’s (I love Emily dearly but boy can she be a pill when the mood strikes). 

Amusingly, grandma’s car was in the parking lot when we pulled in. I remained adamant that we continue on anyway. We never ran into her and I don’t think she saw us inside, although I’m not sure how anyone could have missed the lot of us trapsing through the store. If not, she could have just followed the trail of cherrios left behind in Emily’s wake.

Kaylee was up first, and while I’m not all that excited about the pictures themselves, she did a great job at holding it together in front of the camera until the end. 

We tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to get Emily into a picture with Kaylee but, Emily was running the show and wanted no part of it. Even a ‘pretty pink princess chair’ couldn’t coax her out of the corner.

Finally we convinced her to sit on the stool we used in our family photo, but this required me to hold Kaylee up next to Em so my arm is in all of the shots.

By the time we got them moved to the floor Kaylee was so over the whole posing for pictures thing.

I think this is my favorite picture.  Kaylee’s face perfectly encapsulates everything I was feeling inside that day, held hostage by a two year old armed with a bag of cheerios and a will of her own. I can’t wait until next year…


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