Crafts: New Quilt Top

I managed to get all of the side sashings sewn together and started laying out the ‘bricks’.  Since I was working with several scrap pieces rather than full fat quarters, it was challenging to get everything placed just right. I had a ton of the pink dot fabric for example, and only two rectangles of the elephants.

I think I finally settled on this version. They still need to be trimmed, but I’m happy with the layout.

My overall goal with this quilt was to incorporate the Amy Butler fabric that served as the inspiration for Kaylee’s nursery colors…

and the fabric I bought while on a trip to Paris five years prior (that I secretly hoped would one day find its way into a baby quilt)….

Orange and pink don’t go very well together, which was the difficult part, but I think it has enough other colors in it to balance it out somehow.

Next I move on to trimming the rectangles on along the edge and sewing the rows together.


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