My new obsession: Bento

Bento seems to be all over the place these days as part of the debate around the state of the school lunch program in America. I’ve been thinking about getting a bento box for a while now in the hopes of finally breaking my addition to zip-lock bags. I finally settled on this bento inspired stainless steel lunch pail that I found on Amazon.  

It is called the Tiffin and was created in India. It has 3 compartments and a small tin for dressings. The only downsides I can see about it so far are that you can’t microwave it and it’s not water-tight.

This was my first lunch…

Strawberries and grapes, a turkey sandwich on Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats 100 Calorie Thin Rolls (which are totally awesome by the way), babybel gouda cheese, fresh caramel corn from the farmer’s market and cottage cheese. The pail is the perfect size. I had more than enough food for breakfast, lunch, and a snack.  I was pleasantly surprised by fast shipping and anxious to get started when the pails arrived ahead of schedule. This was all I had on hand, but I’m looking forward to creating more traditional bento style lunches in the future and creating a stash to make it easier. The Just Bento website is filled with lots of great ideas – and info about using bento as a weightloss method. The nice thing is that bento lunches can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. The first one I packed was really simple. In order to save myself some time in my morning routine, I just made double the portions and packed one for Scott at the same time the night before. Then I just tossed both of them in the fridge so they would be ready to go the next day. 

 I’m already looking for another bento type box to use for hot meals that can also hold soups. I’m sure I’ll start a small collection of them soon. I’ve got my eye on this set and of course, I have to get a My Neighbor Totoro box as well. I can pass it along to Kaylee when she’s old enough along with my love for the movie.


3 thoughts on “My new obsession: Bento

  1. Its fun, but can take some extra time. I pack 2 at once for scott and I. I’d like to branch out to non sandwich type meals but since this can’t go in the microwave its challenging to keep it filled with new things. Buy lots of small fruits and veggies like grapes and baby carrots. Maybe small salads would work too.

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