reviews: crib bumper

My best advice about nursery gear is skip the crib bumper. It is at the top of my growing list of things I thought I needed that turned out to be completely pointless and/or impractical.

Changing the crib sheet is my least favorite parenting chore, for me it rivals taking care of her worst diaper blowout. You pratically need to take the entire crib apart just to get the job done. I ended up leaving the crib bumper off after the third change in a week. Yes, the same bumper I labored over for weeks and just had to have to ‘complete’ her room. In reality, it’s just such a pain in the ass to deal with at 3 in the morning after she’s erupted formula all over the sheet, let alone dealing with the planned weekly changes.  Plus, with the bumper on we couldn’t see into the crib to check on her witha glance from the doorway. Unless you have a child that is dead set on ramming their forehead into the rails, you probably don’t need one anyway.


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