things i love: Bumbo chair

Kaylee inherited her cousin Emily’s bumbo chair last weekend when we went out to visit. Her face lights up every time we put her in it. I have to admit I thought they were dumb and over priced when I saw them in the store. Kaylee just loves it though and it gives her new perspective on the world without us having to hold her so much. The chair is super sturdy and I often put it on the kitchen counter (but I don’t advise this as there is a tipping warning) so I can put her in it while I make her bottles, do dishes, or tidy up. Emily used it as a booster seat until she out grew it just recently. I’m sure we’ll do the same with Kaylee when she’s ready to join us at the table. This is something you could definitely buy used off of ebay or Once Upon A Child or a garage sale. It is made out of some sort of rubber like foam material that is fairly easy to clean.


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