2 months old (and change)

Dear Kaylee,

It’s hard to believe you’re two months old already and looking more like a little person instead of an old wrinkly man every day. You continually charm everyone you meet with that infectious smile. You’re much more interactive this month and often coo and gurgle at us which makes everything so much more fun. You have also discovered your hands and spend a lot of time clasping and unclasping them. We try to put you down on your tummy to get you ready for crawling, but you despise every second. You cry from the moment your belly touches the floor until we pick you up again. It very traumatic for all of us, but a necessary evil. We’re starting to notice you don’t like to lay down much at all, back or tummy. You much prefer to sit up which makes getting you ready for naps all the more challenging lately. You’ll wake up even out of a sound sleep as soon as we put you in the crib and then fuss and fight as sleep takes hold of you again.

Much to our dismay, most of your lovely brown hair has fallen out. You have one patch left on top of your head, and the rest appears to be slowly coming back in…blonde. Your eyes are slowly changing too. The deep dull blue you were born with is giving way to brown. I’m still betting they’ll end up green like ours but we should know for sure in the next few months.

You were so happy at your two month doctor’s checkup, all smiles until the shots came out that is. You’ve hit some pretty high notes with your wails but I’ve never heard you scream in pain before that day. On the bright side, the doctor said you’re unusually strong for your size and happily, you’ve jumped from the 10th to 50th percentile for your weight. You’re taller too. You’ve outgrown all of your newborn clothes, the cradle, and no longer need the head positioner for your car seat.

I started back at work which was hard on both of us. The first few days you cried when you saw me after a long day at work which broke my heart, but knowing you got to stay home and play with daddy all morning made it easier to leave you behind. You’ve started curling your bottom lip when you’re upset, which is so adorable we can’t help but smile.

I can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us.

Love, Mom


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