our little gamer

We’re currently playing through Alan Wake (see a video) on 360 between Kaylee’s evening naps. Occasionally she wakes up when we’re not quite finished with a chapter so one of us feeds her while the other plays. Kaylee likes the dark contrasty images, but is more contented by the ceiling fan than the tv at the moment. I’m sure that will change shortly. 

The game is not overly scary but it does have its share of creep-out moments. There are some great camera angles and the controls work pretty well although, I tend to make us both a little motion sick when it’s my turn to make Alan “go”. The plot is actually pretty interesting. Alan is a writer who has been plagued with writer’s block since his last book was published causing stress in his life and his relationship with his wife, Alice. She decides to take him on a get-away trip to a tiny town where he can have some quiet time to write. Shortly after they arrive Alice disapears. As Alan sets off in search of her he finds that a dark presence has taken over the once peaceful town and if he wants to get his wife back he’ll have to fight a lot of posessed bad guys, flocks of angry birds, and the occasional piece of construction equipment being hurled at his head. The plot thickens, as Alan finds pages to a manuscript strewn around that he supposdely wrote but has no memory of. And, in true horror story fashion, the words on the pages are coming to life around him. It is filled with mystery and intrigue and I actually find myself looking forward to our play sessions so that I can find out what is going to happen next. Overall I’d give Alan Wake a solid “B+” rating so far. The chapter format makes it easy for us to take turns playing it between naps so it’s a new-parent-friendly game.

Watch out boys….A gamer chick in the making.


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