one month

Dear Kaylee,

You turned one month old today. You started out the month a tiny little sleepy bundle, and now you stay awake to play after your naps, gaze up into our eyes, carefully study your mobile, and have deep conversations with the ceiling fans. Everywhere we go people stop us to take a peek at you and to comment on how tiny and cute you are.You have grown from an itty-bitty baby who couldn’t fit into her clothes, to a slightly bigger baby that is just starting to fit properly into a diaper (hooray!). Together we’ve managed to make it through a few middle of the night crying jags, diaper blowouts, and most recently – spit-up roulette (the current high score for clothing changes goes to your father, with 4 teeshirts and a pair of shorts in 2 hours).

You’ve always been a noisy baby, but not in a bad way. I imagine you’ll be quite the little chatterbox as you grow up, hopefully we won’t have to take out a second mortgage to keep up with your cell phone plan when you hit your teen years. You’re little peeps and squeaks have earned you the nickname “squeakers”. We’ve even learned to distinguish your cries, most notably the crow sound you make when you are hungry (caaaaw, caaaw, CAAAWWW!!!). You have developed quite a grip too, which you often use to grab on to (and stretch out) our collars. You also just learned how to smile a real smile and often greet me in the morning with a big gummy grin.

Although you love to eat and sleep and tend to be very easy going there are definitely things you don’t like. You screamed your way through your first bath (and loved the ones that followed).  You despise having your length measured at the doctor’s office. And, you get positively impaitent if we don’t make up a bottle as fast as you think we should.

Despite a few bumps along the way, you have handled your first month with style and grace. You have blessed us a new sense of patience and humbleness. My favorite part about this whole experirence has been watching Scott transition from awesome husband to doting father without skipping a beat. You had him wrapped around your little finger from the first moment he set eyes on you and he is always quick scoup you up and tend to your needs.

I also love it when you fall asleep on my chest and sometimes I hold you through an entire nap, breathing you in while you sleep because I can’t bare to put you down.  You’re happy and healthy and loved more than you’ll ever know. You are everything I dreamed you would be and so much more.

It is already becoming difficult to remember a time when you were not in my life. I love you more with each passing day and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all three of us.




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