what’s in a name?

When we set out to pick names we knew we wanted something that wasn’t on the popular baby name lists. We actually picked out boy names first. Then, when we found out we were having a girl we started looking around the various sites on the Internet for something a bit more suitable than Owen.

Originally we were thinking of Sasha, that is until we found out that is president Obama’s daughter’s name. One day Kaylee popped into my mind. Scott liked it too. We don’t know anyone named Kaylee (except for one of our favorite characters in the Firefly series) and it wasn’t on the popular baby name list. In fact Kaylee or any form of it didn’t appear on the Social Security list of 100 top names either. Amusingly though, every time someone asks her name the response always seems to be “Oh, that’s a pretty name. My <insert random friend/family member> named their daughter Kaylee. But, it’s spelled different.” Sometimes you just have to laugh.

We didn’t decide on her middle name until the day before our due date. I liked Rose, after my aunt Rosie. Scott has a Rose in his family too so it seemed to fit, but he wasn’t sold on it (and deep down neither was I). It seemed a little too sweet I guess. We also liked Mae – which sounded nice with Kaylee, but it didn’t have any sentimental value behind it and I was really looking for something a little more special. Back when we thought we were having a boy, Scott wanted Max for the middle name after his grandpa. I stumbled upon Maxine while doing a last minute search and suggested it to Scott. He liked the idea of still being able to pay tribute to one of his favorite people in a fun way. So, we were torn between Mae and Maxine for a few days, but in the end Maxine won out. We didn’t tell anyone that we had deviated from Rose until after she was born.

When we told Scott’s parents, his mom excitedly exclaimed “Maxine is my middle name.” This came as a shock to Scott who always thought her middle name was Marie. Further evidenced by the fact that his sister’s middle name is Marie, and she chose Marie for her daughter’s middle name to carry on the tradition. Well, it turns out Scott’s mom’s full first name is Donna-Marie and her middle name is Maxine after her grandfather Max. 

And, that is how Kaylee Maxine got her name.

Now that she’s here I tend to call her peanut, or pea for short. Scott calls her “little squeeker” occasionally because that’s the sound she makes most often…”squeek, squeek, squeek”, and that is how his family refers to her since they heard it, except they added an “s” for “Squeekers”. When we do say her name it comes out sing-song style “Kay-leeeee”.


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