8 days old – the farmer’s market

We took Kaylee to the farmer’s market today. We wanted to use the Baby Bjorn but she’s still too tiny to fit into it so we hauled along the stroller.

She slept through the whole thing, but we think she had a good time.

Scott and I have made a date of stopping by to have Chubby Dog brats on pretzel buns for dinner every Wednesday for the past few weeks. We were eagerly looking forward to one after being away for a week. Chubby also sells great rootbeer brewed in Wisconsin.

The brat is almost bigger than she is.

We got fresh lemonade too, Kaylee was nice enough to hold them for us in her stroller.

Now that Kaylee is here, we think it’s important to introduce her to all the things we love to do. The hope is that she’ll get used to being out and about early on and begin to develop a sence of the values we think are important as she grows. Being out in the community and buying locally grown food seemed like a perfect place to start.


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