40 weeks, D-day

So, today is my due date. Scott and I stopped in at Panera for breakfast on the way to work. Oh, how we do enjoy the sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on ciabatta bread with a glass of OJ on the side. Unfortunately, a great breakfast is the biggest news I have to report. EVERYTHING ELSE is non-eventful so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps that will change at some point throughout the day.

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 Had a pretty wicked case of heartburn by 11am. Guess that breakfast sandwich wasn’t such a great idea afterall.

Noon: hurt ankle crawling under desk to hook up monitor cable to computer. Who does that? Someone who no longer has feeling in her feet because of the stubborn baby in her belly.

1:30pm: Craving cheese fries. Lunch at a local hotdog joint with Scott and a friend from work.  Have strange conversation about asparagus, peanut butter, and pee.

2:30pm: More heartburn compounded by hearty kicks to my ribs and diaphragm.

5:30pm: Finished up everything I hoped to get done at work before my maternity leave. Wasn’t sure I was going to squeeze it all in. It’s good to leave without anything hanging over my head except having this baby. Trying not to think about the prospect of having to go back in on Tuesday morning if nothing happens over the weekend.

6pm: Run by grocery store on way home to pick up fruit, bread, Scott’s favorite chocolate and ant traps (they have been relentlessly after the cat food for the past week). Also picked up ingredients for Lemon Buttermilk Ice Pops. I’ve had a thing for lemon lately, which is odd because I have never particularly cared for the flavor before.

6:30pm: Pick up dinner at local mexican joint that has a homemade salsa bar, yum! Maybe the spicy food will help stir things up… Realized bought everything to make ice pops except the buttermilk. So much for that.  Top off dinner with half a bag of cherries instead.

7pm: open Netflix envelope to find The Informant DVD waiting inside. Spent most of it confused about what exactly was going on and waiting for big payoff at the end that never came. Still not sure if I liked it or not.

9pm: cleaned up Facebook friend’s list. “Unfriended” 15 people who I don’t care about enough to feel compelled to know about the minute details of their lives.

9:30pm: played WoW with Scott. Won son phat loot on a dungeon run.

11pm: footrub and bedtime. Guess she didn’t make it on time…maybe tomorrow.


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