39 weeks and 4 days

Had a doctor’s appointment today. No progress since last time. There are still a few days left until the due date though. Doc B said giving birth on the due date is rare, most babies come a few days before or after. If the baby doesn’t come this weekend then I have an ultrasound on Monday and Non-stress test on Tuesday – followed by twice a week appointments until she arrives or an induction in two weeks if she decides to be stubborn like her father (who was born 3 weeks late). I’m so thankful I have insurance, but even with it, the $25 copays per visit start to add up.

I still feel fine. My feet are pretty much permanently swollen (I live in flip-flops now – even if I could manage to get real shoes on my feet I’d never be able to tie them on my own). I haven’t had any contractions yet and my sleep habits are irregular but usually not terribly uncomfortable. I’m typically up twice during the night to use the restroom and sometimes I lay awake for hours after getting up, others nights I am able crash right out again and sleep in (this is more mental than physical). The baby still hasn’t dropped, but bending down is unusually challenging. For example, I finally had to give up on doing my own pedicures and just removed the polish on my toes all together (they feel naked now), and I have to sit down to put my underwear, pants, socks etc on. I still take the stairs as much as I can but even my waddle has slowed to a snail’s pace – something that I’m sure drives Scott insane (although to his credit he has never complained or rushed me).

I often feel like the world is moving in slow motion around me. A stark contrast to the hectic life I was living just a few months ago. Working full-time, teaching part-time, taking two classes, and growing a baby inside my belly didn’t seem so overwhelming at the time. But, I didn’t realize how crazy things really were until I was able to finally stop and catch my breath this summer. Now, I’m trying to just relax and enjoy what will most likely be a small wave of calm before the impending newborn storm.


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