All packed and ready to go

3 bags and a carseat. One bag is for me and Kaylee, one for Scott & the electronic gadgetry we can’t part with, and the last is snacks & misc stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else (movies, cd, breast pump). The truth is that we’ve been packed for quite a while. I set the bags aside fairly early on and just filled them up as I thought of things we might want or need. I purchased nearly all of my postpartum comfort balms, sprays, pads, etc over the course of a few weeks from Amazon, CVS and Jewel as they went on sale. I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos and reading blogs and articles on baby sites of items other people thought were necessary at the hospital. In the end I  stayed fairly true to the compilation I created a few posts back although I omitted a few things after taking the hospital tour (like a laptop, Scott doesn’t think we’ll need it but all that’s going through my head is OMG HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE 3 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT A COMPUTER!??).

This weekend I went through the bags to make sure that I had everything, packed the electronics into Scott’s bag (cameras, chargers, minitripod) and I also swapped out my original going home outfit for another more comfortable one that I bought a few weeks back.

The snack bag probably took the most time to put together. Mostly because it was the last thing I was thinking about. Originally I just packed some hard candy for me to get through delivery. Then I realized Scott would probably want something too, and we’d both be pretty hungry after the baby is born which could be in the middle of the night after the hospital cafeterias are closed. The hospital has 3 places to eat and provides juice, water, ice and granola bars for patients and visitors. But, Scott and I are pretty particular about our snack food, so we packed our own bars, Clif and Lara are our favorite brands (the new crunchy Clif bars are great!). I also added Gu to my delivery snacks. I have a few cases left of it because I use it before my morning runs (back when I could still will my body to move at a pace beyond waddling). It is the best tasting energy gel I have found. It’s not as salty as the others, so you don’t feel like you’re sucking down a package of snot. I figured it’s liquid-y enough to pass the strict no-food-during-labor rule. I also added a box of Godiva truffles and a bar of Scott’s favorite chocolate too because I think we’ll both deserve a treat after labor. Then there’s some organic apple and pretzel chips, cookies and horizon milk. Finally, because they didn’t fit anywhere else, 3 DVDs (No laptop means no Netflix so a few favorites – Lost in Translation, Run Lola Run, and The Returner), a bitcrush CD that is super relaxing in case the iPod doesn’t work out, $5 in cash, and the manual breast pump in case my milk comes in (and so I can get a tutorial on using it since I didn’t go to the class). I think we’re more than set in the food department, but it’ll be good to have extra to offer to our visitors too.


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