Book Review: Hit the Ground Crawling

I bought this book for Scott after reading the reviews on Amazon. It’s a relatively small book and a quick read. I skimmed through most of it in an hour. He has read through most of it now and brings it up in conversation once in a while. He seems to like the guy centered advice. The first half of the book spends a lot of time on what it means to be a good dad and husband/partner – sections I thought were more common sense than anything but I suppose some guys need to hear it. The chapters on baby care are good though. They get to the point quickly and offer down-to-earth advice on baby basics which is great for both men and women who haven’t had much experience with babies. The book also has a lot of suggestions on how to acclimate to being a new family and father including sections on dealing with pets, taking care of the baby on his own, and sex after the baby.

P.S. Here’s a tip in case you want to get your guy to read something without pressuring him into it. Buy a copy and casually leave it out in the bathroom. Most likely he’ll notice eventually – even if he doesn’t mention it right away.


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