a few more finished projects

I made a pillow case and laundry bag over the weekend. I didn’t use a pattern for either project – just winged it with the scrap fabric I had left from the crib skirt. I have found sitting for long stretches at the sewing machine to be among the growing list of things I can’t do anymore. Needless to say it took the better part of a Saturday to finish these two simple items up in between my frequent breaks. I also cut out all of the panels for the crib bumper – which was more challenging than I expected due to my obsessive need to line up the print on the fabric for each panel. I haven’t moved on to sewing it just yet, but I did order the foam inserts so that project is nearing an end.

I think my feet are permanently swollen now. My lovely husband bought me a new pair of fancy flip-flops this weekend, in a size 10! My closet full of 8.5s have been sadly neglected for the past few months, including a brand new pair of Chucks which I only got to wear a handful of times before the pregnancy beast took over my body. I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to fit into them again.

I made Ina’s turkey lasagna and garlic bread for the freezer on Sunday. I highly recommend the lasagna recipe, it was awesome and we ended up with 4 additional dinners for later after eating one that night.  

2 and a 1/2 more weeks…


3 thoughts on “a few more finished projects

  1. I hope so. It will be nice to have the puffiness subside at least.

    I think the lasagna recipe would be great with some fresh tomatoes…ours are still green, but I’ll may try this recipe again after they ripen and see how it goes.

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