things i love: Graco Bebesounds Prenatal Heart Listener

I bought the Graco Bebesounds Prenatal Heart Listener off of ebay very early on in the pregnancy. It is basically a microphone that you put on your belly to amplify what’s going on inside – not nearly as advanced as a doppler but better than nothing. The directions say to wait until the third trimester for the best results.  We were impatient and tried it out each month anyway, to no avail. I thought it was a lost cause but, I decided to give it another try again at 33 weeks and after just a few minutes I actually found the heartbeat. It was magical. Now I can find it almost right away. It sounds a bit softer than the doppler the doctor uses but still definitely distinguishable from my own heartbeat. We were also able to record the heartbeat onto Scott’s cell phone and play it for the family, which they really liked. Sometimes I listen at the end of the day if I haven’t noticed much movement and it instantly puts my mind at ease.  I’d recommend this, but for the amount of time you get to use it it’s probably better to try to find it used.


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